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Rinser/Bottle Feeder for Meheen Merlin Bottler

At the request of numerous customers, In-Line has developed a means to label first, then automatically rinse the bottles, and collect them and push them over onto the in-feed deck of the Meheen bottler. Full controls are included which allow adjustment of all the machine functions. So many customers have expressed interest in having our labelers first in the line, labeling before filling, that we came up with a way to automate the entire process.

Labels are first applied to the bottle, then an automatic rinser collects 8 bottles per cycle and inverts them over water nozzles.  Using the pump supplied with the Merlin, a manifold supplying the nozzles is energized and sanitary water is projected into the bottle.  After a drain, the bottles are inverted back onto the line and released. Bottles are then positioned in front of the angled in-feed deck of the bottler.  When a full row of bottles (typically 6 for 12 ounce) is present and the first row on the in-feed deck is open, the row of bottles is pushed onto the deck automatically.


Rinser/Bottle Feeder



Bottle Rinser



Bottle Feeder



Bottle Feeder in Production



  • For more information on the Rinser/Bottle Feeder, view our brochure by clicking on the PDF link below.

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